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Trucks: Zombie Exterminators 2


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You are a Space Marine that was sent for a mission on one of the enemies spaceships.
Your mission was accomplished, but one factor remains! You need to get off the ship before it explodes!

You must hurry up and reach the next gate before things start flying!

In this one of a kind top down shooter, move quickly and shoot everything that moves.
With two virtual joysticks that stick to wherever you touch the screen. You will find moving and aiming are easy to master.

The spaceship corridors is full of laser beams that will slice you in half, if you don't watch out.
Also previously carefully planted mines are awaiting you to step over them, if you fail to maneuver around them!
Space marines guarding the ship are all about guns and swift attacks. Make your way over their bodies or they will!

Good Luck!

Featuring fantastic realistic 3D world, characters and physics.
Lot of weapons to choose from and different enemies to challenge.

Guaranteed to make you have lots of fun.



5 Stars

i liked this game, plays good, fun and addicting

The bomb!

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