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SCD Recon

Side Scroller Space Shooter for iPhone / SCD Recon

Take the battle to the Alien Horde in this classic side-scrolling arcade space shooter.

*WHAT'S NEW: HD graphics for retina screens, new levels, new ship upgrades.

- High Definition retina graphics enhanced for the new iPad and iPhone.
- Side scrolling space shooter style arcade game.
- Unique levels, can you pass them all?
- Enhance your ship with powerful upgrades.
- Boss levels with powerful Alien Overlords.
- Unique powerups.
- High scores via GameCenter.

Having successfully defended Earth from the alien invasion it is now time to take the battle to the enemy. As one of Earths best fighters you have been selected to lead the invasion. The challenges will be great, the mission critical and the honor legendary. Prepare for launch Space Cadet, suit up!

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