Hot Pursuit

IOS Police Chase Smash
5 Stars

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Pursue street rivals and be Pursued by police.

From the makers of Police Chase Smash hit game. Comes another title as a sequence, only a much more exciting one!

Pursue street rivals and try to ram them as hard as you can to smash and eliminate them.

Be pursued by police and try to escape them by going as fast as you can.

You will have full control over your sport car, with highly realistic controls and car reaction over different speeds.

Go as fast as your sport car will allow. With 12 highly customized sport cars that are made specifically for maximum adrenaline races.

Conquer the streets and live like a legend.

Upgrade your ride to extreme limits, consume pickups, collect coins and ram into street objects.

A very addictive game that with keep you have for a long time.