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Sally Fitzgibbons Surfing

Sally Surfing / iPhone Surfing Game

Surf endless waves with champion surfer Sally Fitzgibbons!

Drop in carve your way across the wave, dodge the rocks, grab power-ups, catch BIG AIR and pull EPIC TRICKS in this fantasy world there are no limits and rules other than to dream big. Get the highest score with the longest run and compete for the top spot in the weekly tournament with friends. Just don’t fall off!

- Surf the waves as Sally would.
- Pull off epic tricks like the 360 Kick Flip, Airwalk, 720 Backside Grab, Whale Grind, Dolphin High5 and the Fitzy Spin
- 8 Different boards to collect, each with unique abilities!
- Collect awesome power-ups including Bubble Shield, Coin Doubler, Score Boost and Coin Magnet
- Save your ocean friends from fishing nets and get rewards!
- It's just for fun :)

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