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Scarecrow Zombie Land

Scacrecrow Zombie Land IOS Game / Killing Zombies iPhone Game

Lost his life in a tragic accident, he found himself in the underworld as an inanimate scarecrow hanging from a tree... but a mysterious external force decided to give it new life and new powers as well as a chance to redeem himself and escape from hell!

Enjoy this new awesome action/platform for your iOS device!
Play as the Scarecrow in the zombie land!

Run through the underworld land of the zombies and evil pumpkins, fight them using the powerful death scythes and try to escape from hell jumping between platforms while avoiding obstacles and the dangerous devil's forks!!

Take advantage of the many power-ups available such as the friendly crows, enhanced scythes and more. Keep collecting coins to power-up the Scarecrow and reach the top players in the global leaderboards across the world!

For any problem with the game contact us at:
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