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Gold Super Trends Millions AutoTrader Robot


General description;
This EA is made to be used in the Gold market. It's made for trading Gold in mind.
For Generic Approach which can be used with Gold and Currencies you can check out Generic Super Trends EA here;

So we recommend using it with Gold, even though it will work with other Symbols like currencies.
The reason we recommend using it with Gold is that we put most of our efforts to work with Gold marker as it's different than other markets.
Mainly the amount of movement in Gold market is significantly high.
That's why we took advantage of that and worked so hard on this EA to minimize the losses.
Starting with as low as few thousand dollars, this EA can be used without using any multiplication or scaling systems.
When used with at least $10k you can take advantage of the scaling and multi positions systems.

- Multi Position System.
- Scaling System.
- Start/Stop Trading Switch.
- Risk Control System.
- Disable/Enable Trading on certain days.
- Flip Loss To Profit System.
- Reverse Trading System.

How To Use;
Out of the box, this Ea already set for you to trade with no Multi Position System or Scaling System.
Don't change anything. just pick Gold market Symbol and attach this EA and set the Auto Trading button on MQL5 to on.

Multi Position System;

If you have $50k and up, which is recommend for this system, then you are ready to switch "Use Multiple Position System" in the inputs of this EA.
You can start it with lower amount, but we recommend this amount.
The more money that you have the better.
Also below this switch in the inputs, you can specify how much of the balance to use. The more you use the better.

Scaling System;
If you have $10k and up, then you are ready to take advantage of the scaling system.
You can try it with less amount, but we recommend $10k at least.

Risk Control System;
With this system you have few options to switch on and off in the inputs. This is basically for safe trading.
But of course safe trading will not gain you as much. As with risk comes greater wins.
Switching "Dev Loss Management Method" ON, will make sure that losses are tightly controlled.
Switching "Default Stop Loss Method" ON, will also make sure that losses are even more tightly controlled.
You can specify the amount of Loss you will to take with this method as of the first method specifies that automatically.

Little Profit Taking;
With this system, you can take small amount of profit instead of having the EA automatically take the profit.
However your gains will be smaller than having the EA decide, but it's safer.
To switch this system ON, switch "Little Gain Method" ON.
Then change the amount of little gain that you wish to take. Recommended between 5 and 10. Of course for gold market.
For other markets, depends on the amount of movement the market has, usually in pips.

Loss Flip to Profit System;
With this system, the EA will try to gain profit right after any loss that occurs.
You can use it by switching "Loss Flip To Profit System" ON.

General Direction Strength Method;
This method will make sure that opening positions go according to the general strength of the current market, which ads a second layer of security when opening positions.
You can use this method by switching " General Direction Strength Method" ON.

General Rules System;
With this system you put more rules on opening and closing position, which are tighter and safer to use. However the safer the EA the less profit it will make.
You use this system by switching "General Rules" ON.

$3 700
For Gold Trading?: 
For Currencies Trading?: 
For Others Trading?: 

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