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Fatal Fall

Fatal Fall IOS Game / iPhone iPad falling game

Guide Jack the alcoholic to avoid his Fatal Fall.

After a regular Friday night drinking with friends, Jack decides to leave the bar to sober up. The walk quickly turns into an adventure when he realizes he is lost.

Looking for the way back home he meets a strange sign on the side of a narrow road that leads to a long bridge, intrigued by what he could see at the end, our merry friend walks to meet a very particular situation.
At the end of the bridge there is a huge crater which seems to be bottomless.

Jack decided to check what the mysterious crater holds in its path.

After falling into a bottomless pit, you must guide Jack in his struggle for survival by avoiding taking fatal hits from objects such as rocks on the way down.

The controls are displayed on the screen, you can make Jack go left or right by clicking on them. There are several quite intense and lengthy stages.

The difficulty and speed constantly increases.

- Compete against your friends on the leaderboard!
- Boosts (During the game a few items will appear which will help Jack survive).
- Multiple long stages through time and space.
- Simple and clean gameplay.

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* Graphical Quality improved.
- Improved all menus.
- Improved all assets.

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