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Nstacharge IOS Game / Bicycle iPhone iPad Game

Hop on the Super Skyway of Fun!

Dodge Smart Cubes, Pull Wheelies and Ride as Far as You Can!

You’re Rusty, a quirky little robot atop his trusted star-cycle and your friend Lola is right on your heels. The skyway is littered with cubes with a mind of their own so you’ll need to jump over, dodge and wheelie to power your way through. Lola doesn’t think you can get far without crashing – it's up to you to prove her wrong!

Pick up bolts, batteries and various tools along the way to upgrade and recharge your bike and go farther still!

Smart Cubes —

They move, they roll, they change directions. They’re out to get you and they grow more wicked with every mile.

Energy & Power Ups —

The treasure hunt is always on. You’ll need Batteries to keep going and Tools to get even farther.

Wheelies —

Double tap to wheelie. You’re now safe from your next crash. Careful, though — this will cost you Energy. Find a Battery and refill now!

'nstaCharge — sci-fi endless runner + two-wheel acrobatics + add clever to the word quick.

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