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Grow: Cuby's Quest - Jordan O'Brien

Grow Cubys Quest / iPhone iPad Arcade Game

Cosmic fight for your life before disappearing into infinity!

Explore the deepest and darkest parts of the Universe! Grow by collecting as many energy crystals as possible before you disappear!

Use and upgrade all your special powers to increase your chance of survival. Fly through the most dangerous parts of space and reach special bonus areas for extra rewards!

Use all the resources you find to buy tons of different accessories, new skins and crazy facial expressions or just use them to increase your powers!

It's the most addictive survival game you will ever play!

• Six incredible upgradable Power-Ups to help you survive!
• Complete missions to get great rewards!
• Customize your look with fun accessories!
• Lots of challenging achievements with awesome prizes!
• Unblock lots of different skins!
• Amazing 3D graphics!
• Check all your stats and follow your progress!
• Compete with your friends to see who is the best!

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