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Guns of Angel

Guns of Angel / iPad iPhone Guns Shooter

Merciless devils frantically dash towards you, not giving you a moment to breathe!!

Hold your breath!
Pretty and lovely-looking girls fire machine guns indiscriminately at the devils.

This is a brand new side-scrolling action shooting game that will take your stress away. We invite you to a true battlfield filled with a loud crash of gunfire and the smell of gunpowder.


▶ Forget the old-generation shooting games in which you can fire at the front targets only in one direction!

▶ This game adopted a new concept of battle mode in which the guns automatically aim and fire at targets in various directions.

▶ Upgrade your guns in order to wipe out all the devils rushing to you, or
fly as far as possible dodging the devils.

▶ Collect pretty angels and powerful guns, and upgrade their power.

▶ Destroy the Devils with various types of guns obtained during the game.


-. The UI of 'Guns of Angel' is optimiazed for iphone 5 and above.

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